Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moerdler least in cyberspace

by John DeSio

It’s getting clearer and clearer that Charles Moerdler is getting ready to enter Riverdale’s race for the City Council.
Several domain names with clear campaign names were registered this past week to Moerdler, who currently serves as Community Board #8’s land use chairman.
As of press time each of the websites remains blank, and Moerdler could not be reached for comment to discuss their potential future content.
Moerdler has made a variety of similar moves that would indicate his potential run for City Council is a serious endeavor. Most notably his law firm, Stroock, Stroock & Lavan, recently made noted election law attorney Jerry Goldfeder a new partner.
Goldfeder most recently served as Special Counsel to New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, where his portfolio included public integrity matters. Prior to joining Attorney General Cuomo's office last year, Goldfeder was a trial and appellate attorney in private practice for over twenty-five=2 0years.
Moerdler has stated in the past that he would use Goldfeder’s talents “in every way possible.”
In June Moerdler placed $25,000 into the campaign coffers of Governor David Paterson., a move that has also been viewed as a precursor to Moerdler’s likely switch from the Republican to Democratic Party.
According to reports Moerdler only decided to consider a City Council run after multiple attempts were made this Spring to eliminate himself and other longtime members of Community Board #8 from their long-held seats on that board.
Other announced or presumptive candidates for the seat include Ari Hoffnung, co-president of the Riverdale Jewish Community Council; Helen Morik, vice president for government and community affairs at the Columbia University Medical Center; Anthony Perez Cassino, former chairman of Community Board #8; and Jamin Sewell, who serves as legislative counsel to City Councilman G. Oliver Koppell.